Green Grass Yoga

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Irina Peters,
I am a Yoga-teacher.

Short story

1984 - was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.
2000 - first steps in Hatha-Yoga.
2014-15 - Yoga-teachers Course in Kiev, Ukraine.
2015-2016 - Green Grass Yoga in St. Petersburg.
2017 - moved to Hamburg.

Longer story (just skip it, unless you are curious :))

I was born and lived for a pretty long time in St. Petersburg, Russia. My first yoga experience happened when I graduated from school and accidentally found on my father's book shelf a learning book about Hatha-Yoga. I was charmed... I started to practice, and for the first time in my life I had a year without any colds. That was amazing, because as a child I caught them easily and often.

I had studied in a technical university and worked for a few years as an engineer, though I realised, that it was not exactly my dream job. At some point I quit, travelled a bit hitch-hiking, then moved to Kiev, Ukraine. Once I met a girl, who was a yoga-teacher, and who then became my good friend. She inspired me to go to a Yoga studio to practice. I did. At first I had only personal practice, then, after few years, I myself studied at a teachers course. Still having some engineering cells in my brain, I fall in love with anatomy and Yoga-therapy as the most "technical" aspects of this huge system.

And that is what I would like to share with you - the most basic, the most simple and yet powerful steps of the Way of Yoga.

After Yoga-teachers —Āourse I returned to St. Petersburg. It was the summer, and I felt very enthusiastic about teaching. I found students, we chose a park in the center of the city with nice trees, grass and atmosphere and practiced there until the autumn came. Then we moved to a friendly Yoga-studio, but next summer returned to our beloved park.

Since January 2017 I live in Hamburg, Germany. I learn German, but it's still very far from being enough to talk about Yoga, so I offer classes in English - or Russian.

Green Grass Yoga

Why Green Grass?

Green Grass Yoga is the name that came to my mind when I was thinking about giving yoga lessons after the yoga-teachers course. I like to practice in park, in fresh air, with birds and sun and green grass. When the weather is warm, I find it much more attractive, than to practice in the studio.

As about yoga, I myself came to yoga looking for better health. I got it - and so much more... Though I'm still in the very beginning of this long way. What I want to share is exactly it - the firsts steps on long way of yoga. Yoga exercises, yoga gymnastics. A few of breathing techniques. Amazingly, even these simple steps can change a lot. Make you healthier and full of energy. Make your body feel so much better: soft, strong, alive.

What do we do in the lessons?

We usually start our lesson with breathing techniques, that help to "warm up" and to concentrate on the practice. And we continue with series of exercises - asanas, where we try to work with our entire body, all the joints and all groups of muscles. We pay a lot of attention to our spine, working on lengthening it, returning it its natural flexibility. We work with deep inner muscles, especially muscles along the spine, to help our spine have better support.

Our spine is in the very center of our body - and in the very center of the attention on our lessons. :) Yoga is not only stretching, it's also strengthening. We will try to keep that balance in our lessons.

"Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down." - Judith Hanson Lasater

Where and when (and how much)?

I am ready to meet you any day from Monday to Friday near 10 a.m. or near 5 p.m. in Jenischpark or in Rathenaupark or in Walter-Moller-Park. Of course we will discuss it in details to understand, what is convenient for all of us. Look forward for your message!

P.S. Lessons in English! Russian is possible too. :)

P.P.S. Lessons in the park are free. But if you will feel like giving something in return, I invite you to transfer some money here: Advita - that's a russian charity organisation that helps children with cancer. Or any other charity organisation, that you know and feel worthy of helping.